15 Reasons You Still Do Not Take Care To Be Happy And Healthy

What does being healthy mean to the average person?

Is it the absence of acute sickness or is it more?

I purpose that it is much more.

Just because you are not sick or ill does not mean you are healthy.

Health encompasses a comprehensive state of being.

This state of being can be broken down into physical health, mental health, emotional and relationship health.

All of which are vital parts of total health.

They are each entwined to produce a persons overall health status.

Physical health seems to be the focus of most people, and for good reason.

If you don’t feel well, you will not care much about improving the other areas.

It also offers the easiest means to set standards for improvement.

We have all heard that we need to: lose weight or maintain a current healthy weight, eat proper nutrition, exercise regularly, get adequate sleep, not smoke, reduce stress, drink water, and practice infection control measures.


That all sounds good.

It sounds doable and like common sense.

But then why are so few of us doing it?

I have discovered a very simple concept.

Just because you believe something is true does not mean you will act on it.

There is an old story about a man in the desert who is dying of thirst.

He comes upon an oasis and finds himself sitting in front of large glass of water.

He says aloud, “I know if I drink this water, I will not die of thirst.”

He continued to state his belief on the fact he knew to be true; however, he never actually drank it.

The man died knowing how he could have saved himself.

That seems to be the typical American way of thinking.

We know what we should do to be healthy, but few of us actually take steps to achieve it.

In America we are blessed with abundance.

We have come to enjoy a fast paced lifestyle full of convenience and comfort.

We enjoy the very things that do not promote good health.

Things like being inactive, overeating, drinking too much, smoking, indulging in high fat and highly processed foods, taking on too many responsibilities and not managing our emotions.

We want what and when we want it!

Healthy behaviors force us to leave our comfort zone and make choices that would not fulfill our immediate comfort needs.

Often that need for comfort and is readily available nature will override our sense of what is best for us.

The way we live is mainly a direct result of the choices we have made.

There are many reasons that people have trouble choosing healthier options.

Here are the top 10.

1. They are stressed out with too many responsibilities and duties.

2. They are over-committed to things that they do not receive a direct benefit from and leaves them tired and drained.

3. They lack relevant purpose for the things that fill their time. This disconnect leads to a lack of motivation.

4. Because of constant busyness, people choose convenience over quality.

5. Their poor diet leads to feelings of fatigue and promotes further poor eating.

6. Inactivity reduces muscle tone and increases body weight. 2 things that make someone less likely to move.

7. Sometimes a current poor health status leaves people with no energy or ability to carry out their healthiest choice.

8. The lifestyle they have chosen does not leave them with the motivation or desire to improve long-term wellness.

9. They feel overwhelmed with the choices they have to make and often choose to do what they already know.

10. Mental health is a low priority for most people. Depression is rampant and must be addressed before make lifestyle changes.

All of these reasons are valid.

But for change, you need to recognize the reason behind what you choose.

You can allow these to be excuses not to change or you can use them to step up on and move forward.

If being truly healthy is your goal, you will have to choose it.

Healthy behaviors may not seem pleasant for the moment but they will improve life for the future.

Your future is built on the choices you make today, so choose wisely.

Mark StevensThe Autoimmune Bible is the true story of how a husband and wife used collection of health information found within the Bible to recover their health and the health of their loved ones.

It contains tips and tricks to fight common illnesses and live a healthy, beneficial lifestyle based on biblical teachings and ancient medical wisdom.

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