5 Exercises To Look Great In That Bikini

Around the March time, everyone starts to think about their summer holiday.

If that summer holiday means a trip to the beach, panic starts to set in after months of winter hibernation and cosy big winter meals in front of the fire.

Luckily there is a way out, you can get some pretty impressive results in just 12 weeks.

Provided you do them with the right intensity and sort your diet out.

This is so that you eat the right macronutrients at the right time, keep within your calorie range and control your portions.

With that said, here are 5 exercises

1. Bicep Curl Or Tricep Extension Superset

Get to the cable machine at the gym and perform bicep curls for 8 – 10 sets a weight that you can perform with good technique at that weight but fail towards the end.

When you have finished, change the grip and bar position to perform tricep pushdown for the same principle, perform 4 – 5 sets and rest 30 – 60 seconds between sets.

2. 20 Minute Interval Session

Couple of different ways you can do this; one template is to walk, jog, run and sprint for a minute each so on a treadmill it could look like Level 7, Level 10, Level 13 and Level 17.

You can do the same with incline or make up your own circuit, the session should totally exhaust you though.

3. The Bikini Abs Circuit

Start off with 25 Ab crunches, then 25 Leg Paddles, then 25 twists, then 25 Leg Cross Overs.

Set 2 Consists of 25 Jacknifes, 25 Roll outs with a swiss ball or wheel, 25 Cross Body Mountain climbers and 25 hanging leg raises.

Finally, Set 3 works isometric exercises, 1 minute Plank, 1 minute Side plank either side and then 30 second crucifix x 2 to finish,

I will advise you build up to the whole circuit.

4. Leg Superset

Perform 8 – 10 heavy back squat then immediately commence deadlifting for the same principle.

Perform 4 – 5 sets and rest 30 – 60 seconds between sets

5. Shoulder Triset

No resting on this one,

Shoulder press for 10 – 15 reps then straight into lateral raises (you may need to drop the weight) again for 10 – 15 reps, then straight into Frontal Raises.

This Tri-set hits every head of the shoulder.

Perform 3 – 5 sets for a sculpted look.

Jan FerruggiaDesigned by Jan Ferruggia – former softball player with a Bachelor Of Science In Exercise Movement, Bikini Body Workout is an e-learning program especially for women wanting to look and feel great physically, mentally and emotionally.

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