Are You Aware of Fusion Pilates Yoga?

Yoga was developed over 5000 years in Northern India.

It has been the original exercise since ancient times it is mentioned in the sacred Hindu text Rig Veda.

Vedic priest to attain mind and body strength practiced it.

Patanjali is considered to be the father of classical yoga.

The world started recognizing and showing interest in yoga in the late 19th and early 20th century when more and more Indian yogis travelled to the west.

Indra Devi in 1947 first started yoga studio in Hollywood, which fascinated Americans to yoga.

Yoga has a strong spiritual element, but modern yoga focus to reach and maintain strength, flexibility as well as inner calm.

Pilates on the side is a derivation of yoga.

Joseph Pilates discovered this form of exercise.

Its method revolves around strengthening core muscles.

He and his wife Clara settled in New York and opened his first fitness studio, teaching thousands of students until his death in 1967 at the age of 87.

Pilates gathered momentum in early 21st century.

The truth is despite of difference both form of exercise have unique approaches to fitness and primarily focus on developing muscles of the body and strengthening it by using the body’s own resistance to build up power.

Fusion Pilates yoga is the way of beating boredom when it comes to exercise.

It makes exercise more interesting in the fitness world by having a flexible approach to traditional exercises.

Fusion of Pilates and yoga can bring out the best results and benefit you in following ways:

1. Challenge your muscles in different ways

2. It provides fast, effective workouts for the people with busy schedule

3. It targets at multiple things like strength, agility, stability, endurance, balance and core strength and inner calm.

4. It combines discipline of yoga and Pilates for maximum results.

Fusion classes are popular in bigger cities.

Varied fusion books, DVDs and videos are available in the market to gain popularity.

The hype is all of fusion things.

Some classes fuses yoga and pilates to increase the workout challenge and add a new flavor to routine exercises books and videos.

For example, Fusion Strength And Sculpt, Yogilates level 2, Yogilates feel the fusion and Fusion.

Basic steps to great abs are few good ones.

All the fusion pilates yoga workouts follow a natural progression from pilates core body workout in to the fluid postures of yoga.

It focuses on breath and alignment to increase strength, balance and flexibility.

Each exercise first offers the basic pose, is followed by the pose, and is followed by the pose with added resistance.

It is important to practice poses to get them perfect.

To learn this technique it best to work one-to-one

With an expert or take a local class to learn proper alignment and breathing techniques.

The fusion of pilates and yoga exercises are challenging and they target the muscles of your back and abs.

These exercises are tough, so take your time and use good form.

Kris FondranCreated by yoga and fitness expert Kris Fondran, Shapeshifter Yoga is an online fitness learning program designed to help you not just master yoga as an exercise but an excellent alternative to lose weight.

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