Easy Ways To Meditate

New and even old students of meditation are always looking for easy ways to meditate.

The best way to make meditation easy, is to begin to look at your life as a meditation!

Start to find ways to bring a little more awareness and presence to every moment.

When you make your life a meditation, life becomes easier and much more enjoyable.

In addition, you tend to be much more effective at everything you do.

On top of all this, seeing your life as a meditation makes it much easier to take up the formal practice of meditation and get more out of your formal sessions.

Whether you choose to perceive your life as a meditation, the following easy meditations will prove to be quick ways to get focused, relaxed, and deep into a meditative state.


Just pour your awareness into your breathing.

You can pay attention to the feelings in your chest and stomach as your lungs fill with air, and notice what feelings arise there when you exhale.

You can also just focus on the sensations in the nose.

Notice what you feel in your nose as you breathe in and out.

Feel Your Feet

Just focus on the feelings in your feet.

Notice what feelings are in the soles and toes of the feet as you are just standing around.

Also pay attention to the alternating sensations as you walk.

See if you can notice any change in balance as you pour your awareness into your feet.

Simple Work

Put all your attention on simple tasks.

This is great for housework.

For example, put all your awareness into the dishes.

Notice the sensations in your hands as you wash them.

Notice what each dish looks like.

Notice how they progressively get clean as you scrub them.

If your attention drifts, gently bring it back.

You can do this with a wide variety of simple tasks around the house or other areas in your life.


You can say it out loud, but it is simpler to just imagine you hear OM as a background sound as you move about your life.

You can also do this while sitting quietly. If saying it a few times first makes it easier, that is fine.


Focus in on the sensations of relaxation in your body.

Watch how they move.

You might notice that as you pay attention to them, they tend to expand and encompass your whole body.

Enjoy the sensations of relaxation.

As you can see, there are plenty of easy ways to meditate.

You might also notice that these practices cross over very nicely.

Play with them.

Find your favorite.

Then make it a part of your daily life!

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