Heal Your Physical Body With Reiki

Many physical ailments begin with energy imbalances in our lives.

Some of these imbalances we are born into this life with and some occur over time according to what we do, or do not do, for ourselves to maintain our health.

The body is an energetic being and is inhabited by an energetic soul, so channelling energy to it can have positive effects.

Reiki, being pure life force energy, can be part of our physical balance and physical healing as an accompaniment to traditional medicine.

More recently the energetic properties of foods have been more closely examined and it is being realized that the body needs to be fed energy in order to function properly as its energetically whole self.

This may seem like an odd concept at first, but things like Doctor Masaru Emoto’s book The Hidden Messages In Water might convince some that energy is a part of all life.

In Dr Emoto’s work, the physical property of water is effected in various ways by directing different energy at the water.

For instance, prayer or positive thoughts produce beautiful crystals in water when captured through high-speed photography.

Consequently, when more negative thoughts were directed at the water, the water would distort under the negative energy directed at it.

If water can be altered in this way by thoughts (which are energy), and our bodies are mostly water, we can certainly alter our bodies through utilization of the positive energy of Reiki.

Energy makes up the soup of life.

In our own bodies, in our water, in our food and we can begin to see the connection of our bodies as being made up of energy.

When we alter the care of our bodies by exposing ourselves to environments where abuse occurs, where there is poor air to breathe, where we do not get proper nutrition and water on a daily basis, it takes a toll on our bodies over time.

Even accidents that occur damage us on an energetic level.

If you break your leg for instance, you have cracked or severed a part of your energetic body that needs to heal in conjunction with the physical healing.

This is why people complain so often of having after effects from physical accidents and ailments.

Years later in that they feel aches and pains from where the break or the ailment used to be.

This is also another reason why some people’s illnesses become chronic.

They did not address the energetic roots of the problem and the broken energy is manifesting as a physical problem.

Through a lack of nutrition, we can unfortunately slow the flow of high-frequency life force energy to our bodies.

Over time it starves out the organs and cells that need to receive this energy and process it as fuel for living.

Eventually we may not process foods so well.

And we may even cause ourselves an imbalance by consuming too much of low-energy, non-foods that do not feed the energetic body in any way.

As one example, sugars might seem to keep your physical body moving, and at times, your energy can peak.

But soon after you hit lows in your energy and need to consume more and more to keep the level of energy up.

This is because sugar does not really have energetic properties that truly support you in a nutritional way and an energetic way.

It is mostly a low-vibrating energy non-food, except when it occurs naturally in fruits, honey and things produced directly from nature.

While the body does need some sugar, it can become burnt out to the manufactured sugar we so often dump into our bodies as fuel.

How can we fix the energetic deficiencies we have created through lack of nutrition, lack of sleep, lack of positive people, positive environments and such?

Ultimately, we must change the behaviours associated with feeding ourselves poorly or migrating towards negative people, or being stuck in abusive environments and Reiki can make changes in those areas simply by coming into your life.

When Reiki is channelled to a person or animal (or even a plant or other living thing, it begins to raise the vibration of that thing to a higher level.

It might be hard at first for this higher energy to be integrated into the body and for physical healing to be seen, but over time, it works the more you stick with it.

For some, Reiki can work like watering a dry, dying plant and the body sucks up all the energy quickly and begins to bounce back to life.

Reiki can help with physical manifestations of cravings, with aches and pains left over from accidents in the past and can also help us change our minds about how we treat ourselves.

This eventually manifests to physical changes through different choices in life.

We can begin to eat better, exercise more, nurture the body more and make choices to support ourselves in all ways that heal our physical selves.

Sometimes Reiki treatments can cause a spike in symptoms that may seem like it is exacerbating the situation.

But this eventually passes as the body and mind integrate this new energy and let the old, lower-vibrating energies pass through and away from the body.

Reiki is literally filling up your body with new energy to integrate and change who you are for the positive and this can manifest as physical symptoms as we go through this change.

As we allow Reiki to become part of our health regime, we can see more and more changes in our physical well-being and overall life as evidence that

Reiki can heal us physically, mentally and emotionally.

Consider Reiki as part much a part of your life as taking vitamins, eating well, and keeping yourself in balance in every way.

Reiki energy can be your transformational tool to becoming your best energetic self and staying that way for life.

Pure Reiki HealingDesigned by Owen Colemen, Pure Reiki Healing is his online program that teaches people how to heal themselves and loved ones naturally by touching.

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Author: Katherine McDolly

Besides being this blog author, Katherine McDolly has been a full-time certified nutritionist, distributor and beautician in both networking company Nuskin Pharmanex and beauty salon dealing with health and beauty products especially for women.

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