How To Prevent Cellulite From Happening To You?

One day, you notice cellulite on your thighs and butt.

You freak out and decide that you will immediately get rid of this nasty thing.

Flicking through beauty magazines you decide to go to your local beauty shop and buy cellulite reduction cream.

You do not mind paying as the cream promises visible results in just a week and permanent reduction in just a month.

You are applying cream every morning and night and after few weeks your skin becomes smoother.

You are proud of yourself, happy and satisfied and very thankful for that cream.

Few months pass and cellulite is back.

This time it is even more visible.

What happened?

Naturally, you opted out for fast and effortless solution without asking yourself what cellulite is.

Cellulite is like a computer.

Unless you know its structure and how it works, you cannot fix it.

A cellulite reduction starts with knowledge and understanding of where it comes from and an acknowledgment that it will not go away overnight.

Then it takes a lot of will and dedication for results to be possible.

But do not get discouraged.

Elimination is possible.

If you adjust just few lifestyle habits, eat healthy and do correct exercises, you will soon found out that you too can also have smooth and dimples free thighs and butt.

There are many aspects to achieve cellulite reduction.

But first thing first –

What Is Cellulite?

The misrepresentation is quite common.

One of the most popular ones is that cellulite is composed of trapped toxins and excess water underneath the skin or that cellulite is plain fat.

The truth is cellulite is a condition that affects the appearance of the skin in areas with underlying fat deposits giving the skin a dimpled, lumpy appearance, orange peel skin as we like to call it.

Cellulite is not just fat but a combination of fat combined with predominantly female underlying connective tissue in which this fat is trapped.

Human skin has 3 layers.

The deepest, where fat gets deposited, is called hypodermis.

This is layer consists of fibrous connective tissue that is responsible for connecting the skin to the muscle beneath it.

Connective tissue is arranged differently in men and women and this is the reason why cellulite is predominantly female annoyance.

In most men, this connective tissue is arranged in a cross-hatched or diagonal manner, in a smooth and continuous pattern.

Connective tissue of women runs vertically, creating fibrous bands which tie the skin to the underlying tissue at certain points.

Essentially, this creates discrete fat chambers to push up on the skin while the bands pull the skin downward.

When these chambers are field with lots of fat they press the upper layers of skin and this gives skin a dimpled look, called cellulite.

Increased quantity of fat tissue in fibrous bands does not only press on upper layers of skin.

But it causes other problems as well.

It presses on blood and lymph vessels, which decreases blood and lymphatic flow through infected areas.

As a consequence, one’s metabolism slows down and that increases storage of fat.

In the final stages of cellulite development, the retention of fluids causes swellings, which causes tissue transformation and tissue becomes hard.

Because of this it is vital to act sooner rather than later; before the final stage occurs.

With the cellulite visibility worsening the percentage of success in eliminating cellulite also decreases.

In circumstances where a woman is healthy with cellulite in early stages, the limitation of cellulite is 100% successful, if a person adheres to the right eating and exercising plan.

The good news is that unsuccessful attempts are solely the consequence of wrong way of dealing with the problem.

Another negative aspect of cellulite is aging.

Production of collagen in skin decreases with aging.

This makes skin less elastic and loose, making cellulite even more visible.

Especially if a woman does not give proper attention to the problem.

Or if she attacks it from the wrong angle with wrong information.

Critical Areas Of Cellulite

Yes, you guessed it.

The highest number of fat cells in female body is on thighs and buttocks.

Hence the highest percent of women has most noticeable cellulite on thighs and buttocks.

Is There A Solution?

Now that you know what you are dealing with.

Let us see if there is a solution.

You learned that cellulite is linked to two major factors.

Quantity of fat tissue in hypodermis and specific characteristics of connective tissue (the thickness and how it is arranged).

Another mayor player is muscles.

Sufficient muscle firm tissue and skin which highly improves the appearance of critical areas, not to mention the shape and appearance of the whole body.

While you cannot do anything about arrangement of your connective tissue, you can most definitely influence the percentage of fat in your body as well as you muscle weight.

A healthy diet and correct exercise is a key to cellulite reduction.

Joey AtlasCreated by Joey Atlas, Truth About Cellulite is his program that helps women to lose weight effectively by discarding unwanted cellulite from their bodies.

Knowing that many women globally are searching for solutions on-and-offline that may or may not work in helping them achieve their goals, what Joey has created is what he hopes will be their final solution.

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