How To Put Together The Perfect Muscle Building Diets?

When it comes to gaining muscle mass, it is essential you put together muscle building diets according to your weight and body size.

Obviously, if you are a 150 pound teenage you are not going to want a diet filled with 6000 calories.

This is why it is vital you understand your body and do the necessary research to formulate the perfect diet.

Assuming you are an average male around 180 pounds, you are going to want to eat between five and seven meals throughout the day.

The reason for this is so you are constantly taking in protein and calories while still allowing your stomach to digest the food.

It is much better to do it this way as oppose to stuffing your face three times a day.

A majority of your muscle building diets and meals should come before your workout so you have energy and strength to make it through a vigorous workout.

This of course depends on when you are planning on working out.

If you intend on working out in the morning, this is going to be different.

Regardless, you want to have 3 or 4 meals before your actual dinner.

This gives your stomach time to digest the food so you are not sleeping on a full stomach.

Prior to going to bed, you can mix whey protein with water to give you a little boost and some extra protein right before you go to sleep.

In all, you should be getting around 3,500 calories a day.

You want to include a lot of protein and carbohydrates in your muscle building diets including eggs, toast, rice, lean beef or chicken and many protein shakes.

How you formulate your diet will depend on your body and your exercise regimen.

If you are going to be working out in the morning it is going to differ from if you work out in the evening.

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Author: Katherine McDolly

Besides being this blog author, Katherine McDolly has been a full-time certified nutritionist, distributor and beautician in both networking company Nuskin Pharmanex and beauty salon dealing with health and beauty products especially for women.

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