Meditation For Beginners

Meditation for beginners is generally about getting into one’s inner being.

Listening to the environment, the chirping of the birds, listening to ones breathing and hearing the air as it brushes past you are just some ways of starting to meditate that you can use to start or enhance your experience.

Many would associate meditation with prayer since this is where most meditation-like activities are seen.

It is in the monasteries where the monks often chant words over and over again, sitting like immovable rock with their eyes closed.

Little do men know that in actual fact meditation is supposed to be a way of life which focuses your attention for the attainment of inner peace.

This is the objective of practicing meditation – to allow anyone to relax and fulfil the ultimate goal of man’s existence.

Talking about the fulfilment of man’s purpose, one question that beginners often ask what is the reason behind our existence anyway?

There are 3 powerful words that will remain in time, which are faith, hope and love.

But the greatest of these is love.

The purpose of meditating is to help oneself to accomplish the purpose and meaning of these words.

This will ultimately result in a near-perfect meditative experience.

Faith is the evidence of things unseen which give man the power to move on, even if whatever is on the other side is not clear.

Christians would attest that this practice is usually associated with their belief in the existence of God and other religious practices are similar.

The exercise of faith is meditation at work because it is drawn out from the inner being, which only a human person can do.

At the alpha meditative state, the mind is at its most peaceful.

Studies have shown that it is in this alpha stage where the mind is generally active in generating ideas that often appear to come out of nowhere.

Sometimes when you are deeply challenged by a difficult situation, meditation can help to draw a solution from the depths of your mind.

Hope is the inner power that pushes men to move on and hurdle over the obstacles that are facing them.

It is in hoping that people tend to survive despite the extreme difficulty that many people face every day.

Finally, the ultimate result that meditation for beginners can have would be to love.

Loving is only for humans.

Animals can be loyal to man but love as we know it is reserved for humans.

This is a human virtue that is represented by kindness and compassion and affection to one another.

It is said to be the greatest feat because this is the ultimate driving force for, say, the father of a family to work 18 hours a day without complaint because of his love for his wife and children.

The physical body can only be a slave of the inner being.

The body can grow weary and tired if it finds no real reason to do things but it can work like a horse if the purpose is clear.

The body will be relaxed even it is driven hard providing the mind is at peace.

And that is meditation for beginners.

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Author: Katherine McDolly

Besides being this blog author, Katherine McDolly has been a full-time certified nutritionist, distributor and beautician in both networking company Nuskin Pharmanex and beauty salon dealing with health and beauty products especially for women.

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