Meditation For Newbies

Meditation is all about focusing.

You merely train your mind to pick out a particular object, usually a simple thing like a word or phrase, a candle flame or a picture.

Breathing is important in meditation for 2 reasons.

It –

1. keeps you calm and

2. also gives you something simple to concentrate on.

In the course of your daily routine, your mind has been bombarded by thoughts, sensations and emotions.

In meditation, you call a halt to this bombardment and calm your mind.

The reason meditation is so effective is that it puts you in touch with reality at basic level.

Most importantly it helps you to focus on your very being.

Being – simply existing – is the easiest thing for you to do.

In fact you cannot help doing it.

By merely keeping company with yourself, you come to know yourself better.

This is a fringe benefit of the regular practice of meditation.

When you begin to meditate, you set out on a journey.

It is a lot like climbing a mountain.

Once you have reached the summit of the mountain, you are able to see clearly all around you.

People who love to climb mountains often report a sense of peace up at the top of their climb.

A similar sense of peace awaits those who meditate.

In most religious traditions, meditation is very important.

So is climbing mountains.

Both activities bring a sense of closeness to God.

They believe through those activities, they can feel and experience the full God presence.

This understanding tends to stick around.

That no matter what else you might happen to do. you will realize that it brings you a sense of lasting inner peace.

The actual experience of reaching the top of the mountain is frequently described, by those well practiced, as enlightenment.

Other names often used are awakening, liberation, freedom and union with God.

In the modern world, many people have discovered the joys of meditation.

In early centuries, the practice was much less common.

Monks, nuns, mystics and wandering ascetics of various faiths, however, have been achieving high levels of success in meditation since before recorded history.

For most of history, meditation seemed a secret and obscure art.

Most people considered it too rigorous, or mysterious, to even attempt.

It seemed to belong exclusively to the realm of the sacred.

Only those dedicated to full-time spirituality – basically a limited elite – were willing to renounce the world and practice daily meditation.

In the 1950s, the Beat movement first popularized meditation in America.

Then, in the 60s, through the influence of the hippies, many more people became interested in it.

As more and more have discovered the benefits of regular meditation, it has become an accepted part of our culture.

No longer foreign or weird, meditation is now considered an important path to wholeness and health.

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