Bikini Body Workout Review

Bikini Body Workout ReviewDesigned by Jan Ferruggia – former softball player with a Bachelor Of Science In Exercise Movement, Bikini Body Workout is an e-learning program especially for women wanting to look and feel great physically, mentally and emotionally.

If you are among those who have been disappointed and frustrated with losing weight despite doing everything you see and come up with, that may be your final breakthrough.

For Jan is going to show you exactly how to get a bikini body that wowed people – especially men – in as quickly as 60 days.

But first a little story about Jan’s background.

About Author

Jan FerruggiaIn her younger days, Jan used to be an outstanding softball player with relevant qualifications in sports and exercise movement.

Because of her upbringing, choices and beliefs, she has always ben concerned with staying in great shape.

However too much party in the name of socializing has caused her to gain weight and accumulate unwanted fats.

That is when she decided to change by developing a lifestyle that allows her to be what she used to be again.

Through regular workouts and right meal plans she is about to share with you in this program.



About Her Program

Bikini Body Workout ReviewBikini Body Workout gives you the most effective, comprehensive and enjoyable body transformation you ever experience.

Even if you have never put on weight nor are fitness fanatic, you have everything at your arsenal to make healthy changes.

In family, friends and other social gatherings like friends’ birthdays, meetups and special events like weddings, Christmas and New Year.

Same for business events where first impression via looks matter like her past clients with their testimonials. 

Bikini Body Workout Past CustomerWhat this program can do for you – if you decided to join – is allowing you to –

1. Eat Your Favorite Foods

Without feeling guilty instead of feeling hungry, eating on stagnant diet and resisting the temptation of whether you should eat or not every time you are hungry and see food,

2. Enjoy A Workout

That is fun, effective and allows you to be addicted and do regularly.

3. Get A Tone, Firm And Lean Physique

Without losing your feminine shape and what every woman will be proud of

You will be stronger, sexier and able to unleash the lethal lady power within you.

From workouts to nutrition plan, you never have to guess what diet and exercise program will be like.

For Jan has everything planned out for you to apply.

Here are some of her customers’ results from trying her program so far.

What The Program Comprises Of

It is a complete step-by-step e-learning program that contains everything you need to achieve a mind-blowing body transformation easily.


1. Online Instructional Video Tutorials

Here Jan Ferrugia provides you all the advice, info and tips you need to get started and do consistently to achieve results.

Through her 21 day workout exercises that has worked well for you and she believes it can for you too.

2. Workout Guide

This step-by-step workout guide lays out every exercise, set, rep and rest period.

3. Nutritional Guide

Through this guide, you get to:

a. Enjoy healthy and delicious foods,

b. Avoid time-consuming calorie counting,

c. Burn fat all-day long and

d. Still lose pounds

Since you know what to eat and when is easy.

3. Supplement List

This list provides you inside scoop on the actual supplements that make a huge difference in how you look and feel.

Without spending your hard-earned money on supplements that are not really essential.

4.Comprehensive Shopping List

This is another critical component for you.

Because what you are is what you eat.

And what you eat is what you bought especially in shopping.

With this list, you know which foods are wholesome, nutritious and worth your money.

The next time you went to supermarket or grocery store.

5. 21-Day Body Blast

This special program enables you to make your butt looks as good as your chiseled stomach.

Through 10 minute workouts for glorious glutes.

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