Natural Synergy Solution Review

Natural Synergy Solution ReviewCreated by Emily J Parker, Natural Synergy Solution is a revolutionary program combining sound therapy with acupressure.

It is a complete instruction program of what you need to know and how to perform various healing techniques.

About The Program

Natural Synergy Solution ReviewElectro-acupuncture (EA) is the world’s leading natural therapy commonly used in hospitals to treat pain.

But it has also been proven to effectively treat 100’s of diseases.

Unfortunately, many people are put off by the prospect of electric needles.

Thankfully, a needle-free, shock-free alternative is giving strong relief to sufferers at home.

Thanks to a quick, step-by-step process that anyone can follow.

And it only takes as little as 3 minutes a day to apply.

How It Works

To understand how it works, you first need to understand how traditional acupuncture works.

Most people do not realize that acupuncture and other acutherapies are practices of manipulating energy within the body.

The cornerstone of all acu-treatments is that our bodies contain a flow of energy that needs to circulate.

The Chinese refer to this energy flow as ‘Qi’ (pronounced ‘chi’).

Qi is the energy force that supports all life.

If our circulation of Qi becomes blocked or congested, pain or disease will manifest.

To treat these health problems, a healthy circulation of Qi must be restored.

There are many different methods to achieve this.

1. Acupuncture uses needles and finger pressure

2. Electro-acupuncture uses electric needles

3. Moxibustion uses heat

4. Sound therapists use resonant frequencies

5. Electro-acupuncture delivers the fastest and longest-lasting results because applying 2 acu-therapies at once creates a healing synergy that cannot be achieved with either therapy on its own.

Natural Synergy mimic is the effectiveness of electro-acupuncture by using a needle-free, shock-free, non-invasive alternative that anyone can easily apply themselves at home – for fast relief.

Here is a just a short list of the 100’s of pains and ailments acu-therapies have been proven to treat:

1. Addiction
2. Allergies
3. Arthritis
4. Back And Neck Pain
5. Chronic Pain
6. Dementia
7. High Blood Pressure
8. Migraines

And so on.

How Do You Benefit From The Program?

With over 150 different pains and ailments to treat – simply look up the ailment in the alphabetically ordered index and begin acu-therapy.

Everything is laid out with diagrams and checklists to make it easy to read and apply.

You do not need a medical degree – anyone can do this!

It includes:

1. Hidden Secrets To Unlock The Power Of TCM

Step-by-step instruction combined with easy to follow diagrams will show you how to put these powerful techniques into practice for rapid healing.

The system is equipped with fool-proof formatting to make it easy to find the last place you left off.

Just in case you need to revise what you learned.

2. Explains Everything You Need To Know About How Sound Works To Heal The Body

And how you can use it to treat yourself.

3. Acupressure Treatments For Everyday Conditions

You will see how to use acupressure to treat over 150 specific ailments and diseases from chronic pain to depression and anxiety.

Plus Meridian frequencies (entrainment frequencies) – High quality audio and diagrams for all 14 meridians in the body.

Our health depends on free-flowing circulation of energy throughout our meridian lines.

These meridian frequencies will dissolve blockages by synchronizing unhealthy meridian lines back to a healthy natural state.

This section is equipped with all the entrainment frequencies needed to get your health back on track – quickly.

Other Bonuses

Besides the main program, you are also getting these free bonuses as Emily’s way of thanking you for investing your trust in her program.

1. East-West BP Balance – Acupressure For Regaining Healthy Blood Pressure

East-West BP Balance - Acupressure For Regaining Healthy Blood PressureThis 142-page goldmine of information is broken down in 2 parts.

Part one is the Western methodology of naturally treating high blood pressure and part 2 is the Eastern methodology.

Some of the incredible solutions discussed include:

A. 42 Super fruits, veggies, herbs and spices that have been clinically proven to naturally fight high blood pressure – p. 40 – 48

B. Acupressure points to harmonize the heart, side-effects include: relief from depression, anxiety and insomnia – p. 78






2. Eastern Metabolism Miracle – Lose Weight While Eating What You Want Using Acupressure

Eastern Metabolism Miracle - Lose Weight While Eating What You Want Using AcupressureThis 79-page Eastern Metabolism Miracle covers how you can control your weight using acupressure and metabolism boosting techniques.

Here are some of what is included

A. Calorie Requirements

Different bodies, different needs.

How conventional weight loss advice is counter-productive – p. 10

B. Easy-To-Follow Acupressure Points

For consistent weight loss – p. 44

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