Paleo Plenty Review

Paleo Plenty ReviewPaleo Plenty is a cookbook of over 60 Paleo recipes especially for the beginner Paleo chef.

They are very easy and simple to prepare in as fast as 30 minutes.

About Author

Pete ServoidThe book is written by chef Pete Servoid who is trained at Paris’ world famous Le Gordon Bleu culinary school.

His goal of writing this book is to educate people on how they can lose weight without compromising what they enjoy eating using his Paleo approach.

Best of all they can enjoy consuming them without guilt because his recipes also help you burn fat, fight inflammation and boost energy levels.




About His Book

Paleo Plenty ReviewHis Paleo cookbook is a collection of 61 best dishes he had prepared and compiled.

With these recipes, he could finally had the healthy Paleo meals he wanted and effectively helped him lose weight as well in just 8 months.

It contains everything you need for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert.

Pete used his years of culinary training at Le Cordon Bleu and in high end restaurants to make sure all proportions are right.

So that you get the most savory and delicious recipes ever.

Such as:

1. 7 snacks like butter coffee, crab cakes, egg muffins, scotch egg, taro root chips etc.

2. 3 savory appetizer soups such as beef and mushroom, red beet and watermelon bone broth gazpacho soups

3. 5 fresh salads to burn fat and whet your appetite.

4. 9 zesty dips, condiments and dressings that make your meals explode with favor

5. 10 savory sides that your family and friends will love


Best of all, other than the free physical book, you are also getting these free bonuses such as:

1 7 Day Meal Plan

7 Day Meal Plan This comes in a digital version that will reveal what you need to eat everyday.

But don’t worry.

They are not just plain fruits and vegetables.

But healthy and yet delicious recipes you can prepare for all your 3 meals daily.

With this meal plan in your weight loss arsenal, you are certain to achieve your goals easier and faster.







2. Shopping List

Shopping ListThis list reveals all the ingredients you need to shop and buy at your local grocery stores and supermarkets.

In order to prepare your Paleo Plenty meals.

To get access to these 3, simply click the button below for more details and immediate access to the meal plan and shopping list.

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