The Autoimmune Bible Review

The Autoimmune Bible ReviewThe Autoimmune Bible is the true story of how a husband and wife used collection of health information found within the Bible to recover their health and the health of their loved ones.

It contains tips and tricks to fight common illnesses and live a healthy, beneficial lifestyle based on biblical teachings and ancient medical wisdom.

This is for anyone who wants to be proactive about their health from a natural, spiritual perspective.

About The Author

Mark StevensMark Stevens is a devoted Christian.

No matter what happens in his life he believes everyone can be used for good and happens for a reason even though he may not fully understand God’s intention.

His faith is what got me through his sickness and eventually led him to recovery.

His Discovery

He found this ancient healing secret right inside the bible.

As a devoted Christian, he believed that keys to living a good life lie within that holy book.

But because of his seemingly incurable brain disease which most doctors could not identify the cause nor discover a cure, he was initially skeptical.

However since he was fighting to stay alive, he decided he had nothing to lose anyway.

What he discovered was the shocking lie of how and why autoimmune diseases are untreatable.

It was precisely why many people suffered everyday and never realize the cure.

After which was what he was about to share with you

His Breakthrough

According to him the bible is armed with disease-fighting recipes and is packed full of powerful healing ingredients.

But the question you may ask is –

Since the information is not new, why most people do not realize it?

People's Dependence On DoctorsThat is because of our dependence on doctors and medication – which are usually prescription pills or drugs for any sickness without us actually doing due diligence for what actually works for our body to get healed.

Which Jesus, his disciples and the people they came into contact with used those recipes to destroy disease.

And the ingredients used to prepare those recipes are found at our local grocery stores.

Upon following those healing ways God showed him in His Word, his life began to turn around.

Not immediately but gradually.

By changing his diet to simple meals of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and herbs.

His Program

The Autoimmune Bible ReviewHis program is called The Autoimmune Bible for a very good reason.

As stated above, it is the exact story of how he and his wife healed themselves.

With all the bible verses he discovered about health and easy practical step-by-step methods he used to heal naturally.

Bible Healing IngredientMost importantly, it contained the 5th life-changing biblical ingredient that jump-started his healing and helped him recover fast.

His Bonuses

Along with the main program, you are also getting these 3 free bonuses as his way of thanking you for trusting him with your investment.

They are:

The 7 Day Recipe Guide1. The 7 Day Recipe Guide

The guide is for those ready to take their health to the next level.

Packed with great recipes to use throughout the week to help readers sculpe a mindset for a healthier diet.

Each recipe calls for nutrient-rich and delicious ingredients for autoimmune-safe meals that you and your loved ones will enjoy.








The Grocery Store Guide2. The Grocery Store Guide

This guide includes comprehensive lists of foods approved by The Autoimmune Bible to make things easier for shoppers to select the most healthy foods.

Such as autoimmune-safe meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, herbs and seasonings.








The Prayer Handbook3. The Prayer Handbook

Helpful resource to ease the spiritual and emotional challenges of those facing autoimmunity.

Filled with encouraging Bible verses and prayers to help improve the reader’s outlook on life and general mental well-being.

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