Usui Reiki Healing Master Review

Usui Reiki Healing Master ReviewUsui Reiki Healing Master is an online e-learning program that teaches you how to master Reiki from basics to master level.

This is a complete course that you can go through and develop the essential skills you need just from your home comfort.

About The Author

This program is created by seasoned master practitioner Bruce Wilson.

About 15 reasons ago, he suffered from depression for no apparent reason.

Despite visiting many doctors, he could not find any cure to address this problem properly as none of the prescriptions stopped his pain and suffering.

But one fine day, his wife informed him that a Reiki Practitioner was going to pay a visit to their local church.

At that time, he had no idea what the word Reiki mean and had no interest to know.

His Experience And Breakthrough

However upon his wife’s advice, he changed his mind reluctantly as he did not want to jeopardize their relationship and marriage.

They headed to the church where this Reiki master was demonstrating his skills. At first glance, he looked like any ordinary old man but his wife urged him to volunteer to head to the stage.

Upon doing so, he found experiencing what he never had before.

As soon as that Reiki master touched him, he felt like some energy radiating from his hands.

All his anxiety and depresson left his body much to his shock.

After that event, he wanted to learn more about Reiki and its healing properties.

So he enrolled for a class.

The first day was very exciting and what he learn from his Reiki teacher is:

1. Reiki is not learned in the usual sense but is transferred from Master to student after sitting for the classes.

2. Nor is it dependent on one’s intellectual capacity of spiritual development and therefore is available for everybody.

After months of going through the class, Bruce received his Level 1 Attunements from his teacher.

With that he was supposed to be able to heal himself and others that mattered to him.

But unfortunately it did not work the way he expected.

After consulting with his teacher, he learnt that he need to advance to Level 2 to see any significant difference because the most advanced attunements are used to empower teh use of previously received symbols.

So he continued sitting through his class to advanced level and again received his Level 2 attunements.

But again it did not work for him and upon consultation with his teacher again, he learnt he had to sit for the Level 3 to see any difference.

He got impatient and was convinced this whole class was just the teachers’ strategy of earning more money from students without teaching them what students really need to know.

So he went to do his own research this time round and uncovered 2 things.

1. Reiki was developed by Japanese man Mikao Usui in 1922 while performing Isyu Guo, a twenty-one day Buddhist training course held on Mount Kurama

2. After Usui’s death, one of his students Mrs Takata took over as president.

She felt that money was what Westerners need to understand and respect while at the same time, helping to create the needed appreciation and gratitude for Reiki.

So she created her own class setting the fees for Level 1 at $175 and Level 2 at $500.

After discovering this, Bruce decided to teach as well but at the fraction of that price.

That is how he came up with this Usui Reiki Healing Mater program.

About The Program

Usui Reiki Healing Master ReviewThis program will provide you step-by-step instructions through the process of mastering the power of Reiki to heal yourself and others.

It basically comprises of:

1. Reiki Level 1 – The First Degree (Reiki Practitioner)

2. Reiki Level 2 – The Second Degree (Advanced Reiki)

3. Reiki Master Level – The Third Degree (Reiki Master)

A. Videos

These came in the form of HD videos by real Reiki Masters including himself.

You will learn by doing exactly what they do in those videos.

B. Certificates

Other than those, you are also given 3 Reiki certificates from Level 1 to Master.

All you need to do is enter your name through a software, click the Submit button and your certificates will be ready to be downloaded.

You can also print out and display on your wall.

C. 120 Minutes Of Authentic Reiki Music

Over 120 minutes of those music can be used in your meditation, therapy or way of relaxation.

D. Ongoing Email Support

From Bruce Wilson himself who will address any questions or doubts you may have in the process of learning his program.

With this program alone, you will discover:

– The most effective way to unify the body, mind, and spirit.

– The ability to allow the body to heal itself.

– An optimized balance of the body’s organs, while the system is naturally harmonized.

– To reduce blocks in energy flow and re-energize the current energy flow throughout the body.

Free Bonuses

Along with the program, you are also getting free bonuses as Bruce’s way of thanking you for investing your trust in him.

Bonuses such as:

1. Superfoods for Optimum Health – Chlorella And Spirulina

Which are truly the most astounding food sources due to their amazing health benefits and nutrition.

2. Healing Power Of Water

This book will reveal water’s effect on our human bodies and how it serves as the best pain relievers and prevenative therapies in existence.

3. 177 Ways To Burn Calories

As the title implies, this book will show you how to burn excess calories in 177 proven ways.


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