Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge Review

Yoga Burn Total Body ChallengeYoga Burn Total Body Challenge is a program designed to help women lose weight without going through a particularly abrasive cardio workout.

The program exclusively targets individuals who would like to shape, tighten, and tone their body by teaching yoga in a low impact resistance training called Extension Training routines that only take up about 15 minutes of the user’s time.

What is Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge?

Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge ExplainedWork, parenting, plans with friends, and other errands can take up much of someone’s time during the week.

Getting a solid workout in doesn’t always make the top priority list for individuals, and much of the reason is time.

Even with a global pandemic keeping many people at home, there couldn’t be a better time to get in shape and work on the waistline.

In the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge, consumers are provided with an array of workouts to help rev up the heart rate using the experience of fitness experts that have 10 years under their belt.

Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge creatorDeveloped by Zoe Bray-Cotton, the women that go through this program find that the routine is fairly easy to access from any mobile device, desktop, or laptop computer, though there’s a physical copy as well.

Plus, users can improve the toned look of their lean muscles without gaining bulky muscle mass.

Lean muscle is essential to weight loss.

When the body has a certain number of muscles, more calories are burned to sustain the user’s general energy needs.

Though there’s no recommended diet, the body automatically will shed extra weight between workouts.

Plus, unlike other workouts, users won’t have to worry about back pain because many movements are designed to help stretch out the muscles.

Purchasing Access to the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge

Ordinarily, the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge’s total cost is $97.00, but the creators have dropped this cost drastically for a limited time.

Instead, consumers are provided with all of the same videos, guides, and other content for $37.00, plus the cost of shipping and handling ($9.95).

Though users aren’t told much else beyond the advertisement, they also have the chance to add the Total Body Sculpting Band when they make their purchase.

The band is only offered as an add-on at checkout for $9.95 with no additional shipping fees.

If the customer wants to gain access to this program for a friend or loved one, purchasing two sets only costs $57, and shipping charges don’t change.

Users can access the digital copy of the program as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge

1. Why is the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge an effective routine for anyone?

Within this challenge, consumers will participate in low-impact training sessions that gently help them keep up their calorie-burning power.

The entire system is based on low impact resistance training called Extension Training, helping women get in shape with a regimen that doesn’t just build masculine muscle.

2. Who will benefit the most from engaging in the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge?

Primarily, this program is for adult women up to age 65.

Consumers of all skill levels can take on this routine, even if they have never learned yoga.

However, it is still challenging for individuals that have just begun these types of routines.

3. What if this program isn’t a good match for the user?

If the user doesn’t like the program for any reason, they can ask the customer service team for a refund within 60 days of the original charge.

What should users do if the workout routine is too difficult?

Consumers are encouraged to go at their own pace to ensure that they don’t overexert themselves with the routine.

Users can take whatever breaks that they need to take, though the challenge only takes about 15 minutes of physical activity at a time.

Consumers can even check for modifications of each of the movements to get the best results.

4. How long will consumers have to purchase the challenge materials?

There is no deadline available.

However, consumers should order while the offer is still online.

The customer service team can be reached with any other concerns via email at

Bottom Line:

Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge helps women get in shape without going to a crowded gym or scheduling their entire day around a workout.

The training improves the muscles’ health and strength in short intervals of 15 minutes each, and users can either play the disc or stream the content from their smart device or a computer.

With a one-time payment, users won’t need to pay each month or year to keep using the materials.

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