Self-And-Group Healing With Reiki

Reiki healing has been practiced for several years now.

It is now recognized as a wonderful healing technique for physical treatment and personal growth.

It comes from the universal spiritual energy source which never fails to deliver astounding results.

Reiki healing is comprehensive.

It can be applied to the spirit, the mind, and the body with the intention to achieve balance in every aspect of a person’s life.

It can also help in enhancing the personal abilities and talents of an individual.

In short, it brings out the good in you so you can have an improved life experience.

This benefits not only you but those around you as well.

To take advantage of the benefits of this magnificent healing art, you must decide to get attuned to this sacred practice.

This sacred covenant has to be received, learned, and nurtured throughout life.


In order to tap into this magnificent Life Force and rip the benefits of this energy, you must learn the Reiki healing process in depth, and

commit to practice and incorporate the art to your day to day routine.

You will be learning different techniques and with practice and time, you will come to master them.

The more you commit to this practice the closer you will be to your physical well-being or personal development goal.

Part of learning Reiki involves acquiring the know-how to practice self-healing.

When you learn to perform self-healing, the technique will vary a bit because the hand positions will be different to those you use when healing others.

Once you learn this, you will be able to heal yourself effectively.

Upon becoming proficient, you may even develop your own personalized healing system by positioning your hands in places that create the most comfort which will eventually work to your advantage.

In any case, when you commit in mind, heart and spirit to learn Reiki, you will succeed for sure.

Taking The Time For Self-Healing

Once you learn the basics to perform a Reiki session on yourself, you will have to allocate at least 30 minutes of time for this purpose on a regular basis.

In this allotted time, you will concentrate your efforts and intention on just the Reiki process.

It is of the outmost importance to learn to value yourself and your overall well-being, so you must dedicate this time fully and only to your self-healing.

You will have the choice to use either the scanning technique or the hand positions as your technique.

Your focus should be on the areas that require the most healing.

When the session begins, let go of worry and concern of your daily life so you can be gently guided as to where your hands should be placed and which area of your body should be touched or focused on.

You must be totally focused in the moment and concentrate in the energy while you’re performing Reiki on yourself.

Allow for the energy to flow and feel its vibration.

While the session is going on, contemplate your daily activities from a distance and then observe where your life is heading from a detached perspective, as if you were watching a movie.

It is by this means of observing your life that your self-healing will have the best results.

This technique helps promote the development of a healthy attitude in life which will eventually have a great impact in your life.

More so, this self-reflection technique will not only heal your physical body but bring about creative ideas to give you insight on how to best handle your problems.

Self-Healing In Groups

Reiki is powerful not only when practiced on oneself but on others and in groups.

There is a special synergy when practiced in a group.

You may want to explore the benefits of a group session and if you know other healers, you may want to invite them to perform a session together.

This practice is very effective because you will not only get to heal yourself but placing your focus on helping others heal which can work wonders for all involved.

In many instances, it has been found that people heal faster when doing sessions in a group setting.

This is because of the mass concentration that draws powerful energy to heal each other.

Sometimes, even a complete individual healing will materialize.

The secret lies in the sharing of energy and the support that is present as the group gets on with the session.

As an added benefit, when you practice in a group you have the opportunity to discuss with your peers your challenges and the areas of your life that need to be healed.

If you find the group practice appealing, it is recommended to do it once per week to generate a more serious individual focus and a deeper collective purpose.

Remember, the power is in the collective energy, so make sure your peers are committed as well.

Pure Reiki HealingDesigned by Owen Colemen, Pure Reiki Healing is his online program that teaches people how to heal themselves and loved ones naturally by touching.

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