The Bikini Workout For Women

It is a great time to wear sleeveless blouses, shorts, tank tops, and of course, the bikini.

Now, in order to wear the bikini comfortably and confidently, you want to ensure that you look your best.

There are exercises that women can do to make sure they look their best in a bikini.

Here are the exercises. Spend about one minute on each exercise.

If you are a beginner, your one minute on each exercise can be 15 seconds performing the exercise and 45 seconds to rest.

If you are fit as a fiddle, your one minute on each exercise can be 45 seconds performing the exercise and 15 seconds to rest.

You can try 30 seconds on the exercise and 30 seconds to rest.

These 5 exercises comprise one circuit.

1. Dumb Bell Lunges With Rotation Or Twist

This is like regular lunges with an additional rotation or twist at the bottom of the lunge.

If you find this difficult to do with weights, try it without weights.

Hold the dumb bell with both hands on your chest.

When you are rotating to twisting, you will be twisting or rotating towards the direction of the leg in front.

Make sure your knees do not go past front of your foot.

Try contracting your buttocks at the bottom of the movement.

You will have accentuated and firm buttocks in your bikini.

2. Mountain Climbers

This is done by being on all fours on the ground.

Now, alternate moving your legs like you are climbing a mountain on the ground.

Try to get your knees up to your chest.

This exercise is also great for your abdominals.

You can make it even more difficult by shifting your arms like your legs.

You will be conditioning your arms, legs, and abdominals for that sleek look when you are in your bikini.

3. Dumb Bell Push Press

With 2 light dumb bells in the shoulder press position, go up and down with your legs going down when your arms go down and your legs going up when your arms are going up.

At the bottom of the movement, try contracting your buttocks.

This is great for your shoulder and arms that will look great in tank tops and bikini tops.

4. Dumb Bell Back Row

With one leg in front of the other and you are bend over, hold 2 light dumb bells in your hand.

Row the dumb bells up and mentally think of trying to have your shoulder blades touch in the up position.

Your back will look great in your bikini.

5. Squat Thrust

This is done with your body weight (no weights).

There are 3 positions to this movement.

The first is the standing position.

The next position is the squatting position.

Then, the next position is the start of the push-up position.

From the squatting position to the push-up position, you kick both legs back while you place both your hands in front of you.

If you are advanced, you can add a push-up.

Then, from the push-up position, you go back to the squat position then the standing position.

This conditions your overall body to fit and look great in that bikini.

Do 4 to 5 circuits.

It may get tough especially towards the end, but it is a great workout.

You can do this 3 to 4 times a week.

Try this simple but effective workout.

You will develop your body to fit well in that bikini.

Jan FerruggiaDesigned by Jan Ferruggia – former softball player with a Bachelor Of Science In Exercise Movement, Bikini Body Workout is an e-learning program especially for women wanting to look and feel great physically, mentally and emotionally.

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